KARACHI - There is an increase in B.P profile of Asian children as compared to their western counterparts while the same group of children is at high risk of Chronic Kidney Disease. These views were expressed by Professor Kaleemuddin Aziz, while speaking at a concluding sessions of 3rd Biennial Pediatric Nephrology Conference titled "Epidemiology, diagnosis of management of Pediatric Hypertension" held on Sunday at Aga Khan University, Auditorium. He highlighted the alarming increase in Type II Diabetes mellitus in adolescence, control of BP in early life, as later the same group of children are at high risk of chronic kidney disease. He said that low salt diet, low blood lipid levels, healthy life styles with more physical activity was the key to prevention of chronic kidney disease. The symposium on urinary tract infections covered the difficult aspects of recurrent urinary tract infection and Paediatric urolithiasis. Prof Afroze Ramzan said renal tract abnormalities should be investigated in detail for patients presenting with recurrent UTI. These high-risk groups will end up with CKD if not treated in time. Dr Zafar Zaidi (Indus) covered the surgical aspects of UTI/VUR. Dr Zafar Nazir (AKUH) focused on Bladder abnormalities leading to voiding problems and infections in children. Dr Qammaruddin Nizami (AKUH), Dr Arshalooz Rahman (AKUH), Dr Khem Chand Morani (NICH) and Dr Anwar-ul-Haq (AKUH) as speakers focused on new RIFLE classification of management aspects were discussed in detail. Dr Arshalooz Rahman emphasized on prevention of Birth Asphyxia and Neonatal Sepsis as important factors in preventing AKI in newborn, early detection of Management contributes to prevent of complications like Hypertension, Glomerular Scarring and ESRD later in life. The conference wrapped up with the concluding session Chaired by Prof Rashid Jooma Federal DG Health, Islamabad. He said that the government focus was on primary health level however policy makers have to set priorities for the health care need of its population. He requested leading names in healthcare profession to come forward and suggest the ways to meet the challenges in health care system. The session concluded with vote of thanks by Dr Farhana Amanullah.