KARACHI - The Provincial Local Government Commission of Sindh is not working in its true sense to keep an eye to ensure smooth functioning and strengthening of the local governments, which created under a devolution plan initiated by former President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf. The local governments consisted on three tier of government levels-District/City District Government, Taluka/Town Governments and Union Council governments, which are about to complete their second tenure, but especially the Provincial Local Government Commission has not achieved its goals for what it was established. Sheharyar Mahar, the elected member of Provincial Local Government Commission from Opposition benches in Sindh Assembly, said this while talking to The Nation. Advocating the merits and benefits, he said the intention behind the formation of this government body was good but there was a problem with the implementing agencies. He said, "I am not alleging only to present government but it was a fact that every government has been used Provincial Local Government Commission as a vindictive tool against the local governments." He further pointed out that the tenure of present local government commission was started just after the formation of present government, but it became ineffective due to the non-serious attitude of the present government. The LG commission has not yet touched the duties assigned to it in Sindh Local Governments Ordinance, he added. The LG Commission is bound to conduct the annual inspections and audit of districts, Talukas and union council government; to solve the problems arise between provincial governments and local government-districts, Talukas and union council governments; and to investigate any financial complaints inclusive any misuse of authority by local governments, he informed. It may be noted here that Sindh LG Commission consisted on four members, out of which, two elected members of Sindh Assembly one from government and other from opposition benches while remaining two are technocrats/ex-officio members. He said that he assumed charge as member Provincial Local government Commission on December 2, 2008, but during four months period, the Commission has met only twice. The Commission has assigned the responsibilities of 5 district governments, Tando Mohammad Khan, Tando Allahyar, Matyari, Jamshoro and Dadu districts, to check the smooth working and to initiate inquiries regarding the complaints of financial irregularities and misuse of government authority, while on the basis of the inquiry, the Commission can take any action against the Nazims, or other officials. After assuming charge as a member of Commission about four months ago, only two complaints have been forwarded to him by the relevant authority of the government, he said. Citing the non-serious attitude of government to this important government body, Mahar said despite assuming charge as a member of LG Commission he has not been provided with mandatory facilities such as office staff, stationary, computers and other relevant accommodations. Due to lack of these facilities, the duties assigned to him have been affected and the work was hampered. Lambasting the role of bureaucracy, he said the senior officials also do not bother to pay attention over the problems forwarded to them by the members of Commission. He said that the local governments, District/City/Town/Taluka/Union Councils had also not taken the functions of LG Commission seriously, as they did not approach to the Commission to redress the problems. The local government functionaries are unaware about the functions and authorities so they do not approach the Commission, he observed.