Nawaz Sharif, who recently made up with President Asif Ali Zardari after leading a movement against him, hopes to serve a third term as Prime Minister but only after the present government finishes its term. Mr. Sharif, who emerged as the most powerful politician in the country after the recent political turmoil, seeks to change a constitutional provision that imposes a two-term limit for holding Premiership, a media report said. In an interview to the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Sharif said he hopes to take charge again as Prime Minister after the elections, which could still be four years away. Mr. Sharif, however, said he is in no hurry. "I want the present government to complete its term," he said. In the meantime, he has offered to work with the government, now that Zardari has conceded to his key demands. Mr. Zardari agreed to end Governor's rule in Mr. Sharif's home province Punjab after bowing to the opposition's demand of reinstating former Supreme Court Chief Justice Inftikhar Choudhry, ending a debilitating political crisis. "Now, since the reconciliation efforts have been started, we are ready to establish a working relationship with the government," Mr. Sharif told the paper. Mr. Sharif, who was overthrown as Prime Minister twice by military intervention, seeks to change a constitutional two-term limit so he can serve a third time. "This requires a two-thirds parliamentary majority, that is within reach," the journal said. The 59-year old leader also called for a national solution in dealing with the country's problems, which include a rising Islamist insurgency and an ailing economy. "No one party can meet the tough challenges confronting the nation," he said in the interview. "We cannot afford politics of confrontation." "I have no problem working with the new administration in Washington," Mr. Sharif said, recalling his close relationship with former President Bill Clinton during his second term as prime minister. "I appreciate the efforts of the Obama administration to reach out to Pakistani leaders, including me," he said.