Despite Federal Minister for Power's announcement of no loadshedding, six to eight hours of loadshedding is being observed in big cities. PEPCO and its regulatory authority NEPRA has given go ahead to DISCOS (Distribution Companies) to increase electricity tariff by 33 paisas making it Rs1.96 per unit. Only last month, the price was hiked by 6 paisas per unit. The repeated rise in tariffs is due to various federal and provincial government departments as well as FATA not paying to the DISCOS any money for the electricity they use. Billions of rupees are due from them. The distribution losses of over 34% are also being collected from consumers who get fleeced between the process of meter reading to the preparation of bills without their knowledge and participation. As the government has monopoly over the sale of electricity, its cheating in billing can never be caught. Nowhere in the world are consumers treated in such a way. -ENGR S.T. HUSSAIN, Lahore, via e-mail, March 25.