QUETTA - Expectations for each and everything should not be pinned up in government, but every individual should come forward and play their due role in his/her capacity regarding the social problems in the society instead of criticising the government. These views were expressed by various speakers at a seminar on the topic of 'Issues affecting the lives of poor citizens of Quetta held under the auspices of Eminent Citizen Forum here at Quetta Press Club with the collaboration of IDO and Concern Pakistan. The guests of honour of both sessions included Speaker Balochistan Assembly Muhammad Aslam Bhootani, Provincial Minister for Revenue Engineer Zamrak Khan Achakzai and Commissioner Quetta Division Muhammad Naseem Lehri while prominent among the speakers were Brig (Retd) Abdur Razzak Baloch, Chairman of ECF, Aurangzeb Mir advocate and Rahim Kakar, President Anjuman Tajran Quetta. Speaker Muhammad Aslam Bhootani admitted that there were a plenty of problems, the people of the province as well as of provincial capital Quetta had been facing in their daily life that were really affecting their lives. No doubt, he said, law and order, education and health facilities to every citizen were the responsibility of the government and it was trying its hard to provide the people all these facilities. However, he pointed out, there were some difficulties for the govt to resolve these problems of last 63 years overnight. He said that govt had no magic wand to resolve these issues within short time, but it would naturally take time. Regarding the issues of Balochistan, the Speaker said that when the present coalition govt took over under the leadership of Nawab Muham-mad Aslam Raisani, the government position was economically and administratively was tenuous and it started improving with the passage of time and great efforts. He said it was first time in the history that the resources of Balochistan increased 100 per cent and the government planned to allocate bulk of money for education and health sectors. He said that besides writing off Rs 17 billion, Balochistan owed to State Bank of Pakistan under Over Draft, the center recognised the outstanding dues of Rs. 120 billion gas revenues of the province and decided to pay Rs 10 billion annually for the next 12 years. Province was facing water shortage and the govt planned to construct some 80 small and 30 big dams for the solution of that problem, he added. He said that if these dams were constructed, the Balochistan would not only meet its wheat requirement, but also produce for other provinces. Minister for Revenue Engineer Zamrak Khan said that the government was making all out efforts for the solution of the problem and urged upon the separatist elements to come to negotiating table instead of fighting against security forces. Baloch militants had the grievances against the govt and struggling for their rights and the people sitting in the government also had the same objective of achieving the rights of the province, he added. He said that some elements of these militant groups were involved in target killing of teachers and barbers which was unjustified. He urged upon them to stop killing of innocent citizens as the practice tarnished their image as well as their struggle. He stressed that if they gave up their armed resistance and came to negotiating table, a durable solution could be reached upon. He said that if there was peace in the province, local and foreign investment would start pouring in, creating job opportunities. Commissioner Quetta Naseem Lahri urged upon journalists, lawyers, Ulema, intellectuals to come forward and play their role for the betterment in the society instead of looking towards government. He said that every individual would have to play his/her role without looking at others with positive thinking that his efforts would bring a change. He regretted that media presented one side picture to the people regarding any shortcomings of the govt instead of projecting the role of the people and creating awareness among the masses. He said that parents belonging to poor class remained busy for earning bread and butter for their children, but were unable to pay any attention towards the studies of their children. Brig(R) Abdur Razzak Baloch while speaking about the aims and objectives of the Forum said that some citizens both retired and in service took an initiative to help the government in their capacity regarding the problems of the people like health, education, civic amenities, law and order, traffic etc. He said that it would take time to resolve these issues, but if the people and NGOs came forward to help government, 50 per cent problems would get resolved automatically.