LAHORE - A one-day workshop titled National Social Protection Policy was held here on Monday under the auspices of Punjab Planning & Development Department. Speaking on the occasion, Chairman P&D Board Punjab Javed Aslam said that the National Social Protection Strategy, unveiled in June 2007, has addressed social protection mechanism across a range of areas. He said, in the last two years, the global economic downturn coupled with high energy and food prices had impacted Pakistans macro economy in a significant way. Persistent double-digit inflation and a simultaneous reduction in growth had disproportionately impacted the poor and vulnerable sections of society, he added. The P&D Chairman said that the war against terrorists in its north-western region had dislocated a large number of people, destroyed their livelihoods and damaged public and private infrastructure. The allocation for social protection had increased significantly over the last two years and new initiatives had been taken at the federal and provincial levels. He also said that a perceptible shift in policy towards targeting the beneficiaries of social protection in order to maximize the benefits of resources has allocated towards those most in need of assistance rather than subsidize the non-poor. He added that there was a need to move beyond the strategy developed in 2007 to an all encompassing National Social Protection Policy that would guide a variety of social protection programmes in a coordinated manner. Consultant World Bank Dr. Asad Saeed gave a detailed presentation on issues involved in social protection like mismanagement, implications on the new NFC Award, addressing food security and targeting mechanism.