Let us assume that through some feat of conservation, we can bring down the energy demand to match the present production. But remember, this would be a one-time affair, measures that cannot be repeated every year. We can also stop the construction of Bhasha dam. But would the supply and demand equation remain equitable? Would not the demand go on increasing with population, with the result of then we having to add more and more RPPs? That vicious circle would, in effect, render even the power produced unaffordable because the share of hydel would go on decreasing. To what extent can the solar and wind take over from thermal and when is not quite clear. Meanwhile, we remain at the mercy of world oil prices. And to think what would happen when the population doubles by the year 2025? Too far, too far and, dare say, too frightening. But, then, there is the small matter of our water needs. Would they be solved, also, through this conservation? Too many questions, not many answerscertainly no easy ones. To my mind what needs to be done is to completely separate the issue of energy and water from politics. Let the experts in these fields handle these matters otherwise, we are heading foryou know-KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, March 28.