FAISALABAD - Black coats and judges reached reconciliation here on Monday when advocate Mian Liaquat Javaid apologised to the civil judge, he had slapped one week ago on the court premises. Advocate Liaquat Javaid said sorry to the civil judge at a meeting of the judges of Faisalabad Sessions Court and district bar association here on Monday. District bar association has announced to call off protest while all the judges of Sessions Court will resume their routine work from today (Tuesday). The rift between lawyers and judges erupted when an angry lawyer Liaquat Javaid slapped one civil judge. The bailiff of the court arrested one accused, which angered the lawyer. He exchanged hot words with the judge, slapped him and fled with the accused. The judges of Faisalabad Sessions Court on the issue observed pen-drop strike while district bar association referred the case to the Punjab Bar Council. However, the Lahore High Court had issued his arrest warrants. LHC had directed the police to arrest the lawyer and present him before the court on March 30 (today). Black coats on the issue observed strike and announced that they will continue strike till success. Some 80,000 cases remained pending due to the lawyers-judges tussle.