KARACHI Pakistans star Test player Muhammad Yousuf announced the expected formal retirement from international cricket saying he would continue to play first class and league cricket to remain fit and in touch with the sport. In a brief announcement which initially did not include the world retirement made here Monday on the front terrace of Karachi Press Club during a Meet the Press Programme of the club, the bearded player, who had the test average of 53 plus, better than Javed Miandad and Inzamamul Haq, said he had decided to leave international cricket because the Pakistan Cricket Board had stated in an official letter that his presence in Pakistan cricket would damage Pakistan cricket. He said he had taken the decision to quit international cricket so that he can save Pakistan cricket from damage as alleged by the PCB in its official letter. He had consulted his elders and friends before taking the decision, he said. He said during his cricket career spanning 12 years, he had played for the glory of the country and whatever name and fame he had achieved was due to Pakistan and the public of Pakistan. Damaging Pakistans name or national cricket would be last thing on his mind that was why he had selected the road to retirement because in that way he would help Pakistan cricket. He said he would never do any thing that would damage countrys name and after the PCB wrote that his presence in the team would damage Pakistan cricket and honor, he decided to quit cricket only to save national cricket and honor of the country. When repeatedly asked was his decision final and irrevocable and would he reverse his decision if the public of other stake holders in cricket pursued him to take it back, he gave no categorical answer but for a number of times during the programme used the phrase for the time being quitting cricket was his decision giving rise to doubts that he may take back the decision if right quarters approach him. The Test star was referring a letter issued to the media recently in which the PCB had banned Muhammad Yousuf and Younus Khan from playing international cricket for an undetermined period of time. The letter was issued by the PCB disciplinary committee which was set up to look into the reasons of Pakistans poor performance in last Australian tour in which Yousuf led Pakistan in Test series. The committee at the end of its investigation had recommended a number of disciplinary actions against a number of players including Muhammad Yousuf and Younus Khan. The committee had recommended that presence of both Younus Khan and Muhammad Yousuf in Pakistan team would damage Pakistan cricket and had recommended that the two players would be suspended from playing international cricket for an undetermined period of time. The PCB had allowed all the players to file an appeal against the decisions. But Muhammad Yousuf decided to quit instead of going in for an appeal. When during the Q & A session media persons asked if he taking a hasty decision and that he should wait and file an appeal against the decision and clear his name, he said he had taken the step after consulting his elders and friends but he did not disclose the names of elders of friends when asked. He said he had taken the step so that no stain was given to the name of his beloved country and to save the game which had given him every thing. He with a smile and a soft voice pushed aside some of the pointed questions on existence of politics in cricket team and Pakistan circles and said those questions were not for him to entertain. He was very categorical in accepting that he had intentionally ignored mentioning the name of former Test captain Shoaib Malik when he took a number of names of former Test skippers who had helped him in his test career. Some of the names were Rashid Latif, Inzamamul Haq ,Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis and a few others. His acceptance that he intentionally ignored name of Shoaib Malik, itself shows that there was politics in Pakistan cricket team and it was one of the reasons for his differences with Younus Khan which finally sank both the former skippers on Australian tour. Muhammad Yousuf in his initial three to four minute address thanked God almighty for bestowing on him the honor and giving him all the fame and name. He said he had always played for the glory of the country and the game. He had received love and affectation of the cricket fans to whom he owed a lot. But he did not use the word of retirement in his opening remarks and which he only mentioned when someone from the audience asked did that mean he was leaving cricket. Yes that is my decision, Muhammad Yousuf said in a calm voice. He did not show any emotion or regret on his decision but repeatedly said he was doing it to save Pakistan cricket from damage as the PCB had alleged. When asked what were most glorious moment of his career, he said every innings that helped Pakistan win a match or avoid a defeat was his moment of glory.