It is torture for the common man to see the rulers enjoying life, living in luxurious environs and having ear to ear smiles on their faces. Look at the dress change they have by the hour, every necktie paired with the suit and the necktie alone worth more than a couple of months wages of a labourer. I have come to the conclusion that this Land of the Pure is for the rulers and their kith and kin. Recently, I was in Naudero and, then, in Multan a couple of days later. In Naudero, the people do not have electricity meters in their houses. Some are receiving electricity directly without a meter while others are making use of 'kundas. In Multan, many people told me that virtually every member of Prime Ministers family is busy minting money. I did not see a single Multani who was not cursing the Prime Minister and his ministers. I wonder how long can this sort of situation persist and how long would the people tolerate the tyranny of these rulers presence in power? -TAJ MULTANI, Lahore, March 29.