SWABI Leaders of various political parties have said here on Monday that the PML-N is dragging its feet on the renaming of NWFP as Pukhtunkhwa but if its leadership failed to adopt a flexible stand then their party might be isolated completely in the next few days. Speaking at 'Rabita programme of Gandhara Union of Journalists, they said that PML-N always adopted a negative policy towards renaming of NWFP and even once the Awami National Party alliance broke up due to stubborn approach of its leadership on renaming. Masood Jabar, deputy general secretary of PPP-S said that the PML-N failed to play the role of healthy opposition and during the last two years of the PPP government it might adopt a friendly approach today but on the very next it would turn hostile, keeping in mind the political interest which its leadership wanted to achieve. The same approach adopted by the League towards the Pukhtunkhwa, he said. The PML-N leaders had declared that future belonged to them, he said, adding that the cry made clear that what kind of role its leadership wanted to play and what were in their minds. Jehan Zeb Khan, former district nazim, said that the ANP leadership held negotiation with the PML-N chief while striving for an amicable settlement of the renaming issue. However, the League leadership made hostage by few people from Hazara division who bent upon to spoil the renaming scenario. The League leadership would not be succeeded as the PPP and its allies are determined to move forward. If the League leadership failed to understand the delicacy of the issue it might be in hot water, he said. Former MNA, Rehmanullah said that most of people in the province were Pukhtuns and they needed identification. The resolution to rename NWFP as Pukhtunkhwa was passed during the PML-N and ANP coalition government in NWFP and the League leaders are morally bound to accept that. If the League wants to rename NWFP as Hazara-Pukhtunkhwa then Punjab should be renamed as Punjab-Ravi, he said. Usman Khan Tarakai, MNA of Swabi Jamhoori Ittehad, said what does mean by NWFP? The role played by the PML-N was deplorable and we condemned. It created a constitutional deadlock. The proposed amendments in the Constitution would establish a true parliamentary type of government, he said. He said that it was not the time to pull each others legs over such issues. We are confronting more serious problems. The leadership of the political parties should shun their differences and work collectively for the progress of the country, he said. Usman Khan, former MNA of Jamaat-i-Islami, said that the big issue for the Nawaz Sharif was not Pukhtunkhwa but the premiership for the third time. His entire politics revolves around this objective and from the day first of restoration of democracy he is playing dirty game of politics, he added. The issue of Pukhtunkhwa should be immediately settled and there was dire need of changing of minds, he maintained. Babul Islam: Members of Tehsil Chota Lahor jirga demanded that the NWFP should be renamed as Babul Islam instead of Pukhtunkhwa. The meeting was also attended by local leaders of the parties. The participants claimed that their proposed name is not controversial and there was no need of more delaying process. They said that the political parties should hold a joint meeting over the name and their proposed name should be discussed. They hope that all the political parties would be agreed to it.