PRESIDENT Obamas secret visit to Afghanistan in the stealth of Saturday night from Washington only reconfirms fears that the US will not only exit Afghanistan soon but is determined to make Pakistan do its mopping up operations. Especially his reference to the US and its partners getting the job done - as opposed to the US and NATO - reflects US intentions and should be a warning for the Pakistani nation. Furthermore, if one links this to the recently concluded and rather meaningless strategic dialogue between Pakistan and the US, these fears are further confirmed. Obama basically sought to boost the morale of his forces since they have been suffering a high rate of casualties recently and to tick off President Karzai on the issue of corruption but the underlying message was to his troops that the US will get the job done and get its soldiers home. Obama also thanked the US taxpayers, but Pakistan was not on his horizon at all despite being present in its vicinity. Of course, getting the job done would be something the US would want to foist on the Pakistan military and perhaps that is one reason why the COAS was the centre of Washingtons focus rather than the Foreign Minister and the civilians comprising part of the delegation. After all, nothing substantive in the form of commitments Pakistan was seeking actually came to fruition. Instead, all that the Foreign Minister brought back were the usual promises. Unfortunately, yet again Minister Qureshi has seen fit to react effusively over the so far empty US promises, including of drone technology. There was not a whimper on civil nuclear technology nor on market access for Pakistani textiles. Our own people did not see fit to even murmur Dr Aafias name let alone seek her return to Pakistan. As for the promise of drone technology, a lot will depend on the quid pro quo the US may demand, and there will surely be some stiff terms if the past is any guide, as well as on the level of the technology to be given. After all, unless one gets the latest predator technology, we do not need outdated technology since we ourselves have some level of drone technology already. Perhaps the most dangerous element is Qureshis claim that the US may give us multi-layer military security system. Of course, he was unable to explain what exactly this was but it would appear that this could be linked to clearing up the American mess in Afghanistan Perhaps it is time for the Pakistan military to remind itself that it has for decades managed well without US military systems so it should not sell itself short. Nothing reflects the official Pakistani absurdity vis a vis the US than Qureshi trying to explain why he sat excessively close to Ms Clinton and whispered in her ear, declared that to achieve progress on certain issues, one has to sit in such a posture. And one thought it was all about national interests and needs