CHANGE is always refreshing to the core and when it comes to your college in vibrant coloured balloons, you know it is not going to be another boring day of classes alone. Recently, I experienced one such refresher when I arrived at my college. The campus seemed to have come alive. There was an air of excitement I had not felt in days. I scurried towards the spot where the crowd had gathered as soon as I got done from class to learn that 50 flags had been hidden across the campus and we had to participate in the contest to win a free phone. Like thousands of my fellow students, I was confident that no one else knew the campus better than myself, I went about looking for mysterious flags. I upped my speed when I overheard two ladies who looked like the organisers mentioning that 15 flags had already been found The ladies belonged to Mobilink Jazz who had brought an interesting activity to NUST Business School, Islamabad. They called it Such Jazba Treasure Hunt. The event was a day-long activity in which we looked for flags hidden all over the campus. While the team from Mobilink managed a kiosk handing out information as to what the event was all about, students ran about in excitement looking for flags in order to claim their Such Jazba shirt and a chance to win the stylish Motorola Flip out phone. It was happening, fun and cameras were clicking away as my friends posed with the flags they had dug and uploaded them on Facebook. I got a flag too with great difficulty and ran to claim my T-shirt that I put on immediately and got my picture taken. The event was an interesting gesture by Mobilink to interact with students and instill within us a feeling of Jazba and passion. Be it the Jazba for supporting the cricket team in the world Cup to changing the current saddening situation of the country, or simply the Jazba to go all out jumping and laughing looking for a flag for a chance to win a shirt or phone. The activity helped revive the faith that when a task is given to youth like us, we can do it with passion, determination and fun. For the 15 minutes, I looked for the flag. I was completely in my own world. My aim was just to find that flag and it was at that moment I realised the power of ones determination. Maybe this was a hidden message in the campaign all along and the concept behind targeting the youth. Indeed, with such motivation embedded in the students and such a vibe of energy and colour all over the campus, the event did very well in relating to the youth and motivating them and instilling knowledge by a practical example that hard work and determination help one go the extra mile.