MOHALI Get ready here we come in the most emphatic manner possible be if India or Australia immaterial. Rampant and resurgent Pakistan into the semis of World Cup 2011. Pakistan bowled out West Indies in 34.3 overs for 112 with only Ramnarish Chanderpaul showing any slimes of resistance Umar Gul got Gayle, brilliantly caught by Afridi, that was the beginning of the end for west Indies, as time proved WI had no answers to the spinners of Pakistan, completely stunned to the extent that they even forgot they could do a little bit by counter attacking the spinners by using their feet. Hafeez bowling a tantalizing line and length with the new ball not only broke the back of the WI batting but completely demoralized them, by taking two wickets in one over They just could not recover from 3 for 16. That WI managed to cross 93 which was their lowest score in WC 1996 against Kenya and also crossed 106 lowest against Pakistan was due to a partnership of between Chanderpaul and Roach. What can I say about our captain Shahid Afridi. He led from the front all the way getting 4 for 30, first time he has done it in the WC record Hafeez 2 for 16, Saeed Ajmal 2 for 18, figures that speak volumes for Pakistans outstanding performance peaking at the right time. The key fielding was exceptional being a stumping chance of Chanderpaul Shabash Pakistan. Needing 113 to win Pakistan openers Hafeez at Kamran went to a rollicking start 25 runs in 2 overs, and carried on from there in only one manner attacking cricket. If our batting stand up as it is doing now marching on beautiful nothing will come in the way of Pakistan lifting the cup on 2nd of April 2011. Hafeez and Kamran are batting as if they do not have anything to worry. Self belief is back play your natural game is what matters Hafeez has completed his fifty with 10 hits to the fence and Kamran is giving solid support. They are almost there Pakistans openers have fired and what a time and what a way to fire. Please no more missing with this Pakistan side. They deserve all the accolades that they are going to get Pakistanis Shaheens are flying high. Pakistan has all but won the metal by 10 wickets what a win. A word of caution, self belief is not over confidence. Please Pakistan be wary of this word. Carry forward by dint of your hard work and determination. Well done.