LAHORE - The 77th convocation the Kinnaird College for Women was held on Saturday.
Chief justice of Pakistan Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani presided over the convocation while Kinnnaird College Principal Dr Rukhsana David, members of the Board of Governor, faculty members and a large number of students and parents attended the ceremony.
Addressing on the occasion, the CJP said commended the role of judiciary and said it had admirably strived to strength democracy and to ensure fundamental rights provision, and law and order under the Constitution. He said the Constitution not only mandated equality between the citizens but added a rider that this equality should not prevent the State from making any special provisions for the protection of women and children. He said empowerment of women was the means to realizing the cherished goal of a tolerant, moderate and progressive Pakistan, where all of its citizens enjoy equality in rights, equitable opportunities and reach excellence in their chosen professions.
He expressed his anxiety over the grave problems facing by the country presently and said that it was an awful fact that more than half of the population under the age of 22 in the country had not joined schools. He said more than 1,000 schools and colleges were destroyed by insurgents in KP and added that country spent only 1.9 percent of national budget on education. He said according to a report of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, 56 women were killed in 2013 in the country for giving birth to a girl; where 491 cases of domestic violence, 344 cases of assault on women, 90 cases of acid attack and 835 cases of violence against women were registered last year.
He said, “You are living in a country where children die of draught, malnutrition, hunger and disease but billions go waste, polio vaccine workers are shot; where men and women are being killed in the name of one sectarian dogma or the other.”
CJ Jillani said that it was heartening to realize that the overwhelming majority of people do not subscribe to the myopic interpretation of our faith. He said no nation could survive without modern education. He ensured the audience that the superior judiciary was sensitized and cognizant to the problems faced by women and had adopted a dynamic approach to protect their rights under the law. “The founder of this country was a progressive visionary. He was conscious of the role of women in society” CJ mentioned.
Justice Jillani also appreciated the 21 per cent representation given to women on general seats in the National Assembly and 17.6 per cent in all the four Provincial Assemblies. He said the vigilant civil society and vocal media had brought injustices in focus.
“There is change and progress but it is not enough”, he stated.
The CJP also attended the ground breaking ceremony of the Nadira Hassan Law Department Kinnaird College for Women. On the occasion, he congratulated the principal. He said the decision to open the law school meant only for females would be welcomed as many families prefer their daughters to go to all-girls law school.