lahore - Guangdong (China) grain sector has shown keen interest in enhancing the volume of import of rice from Pakistan and invited Pakistani rice growers to join hands with it in the larger benefit of the two countries.
The Vice Chairman of Guangdong Grain Association Chen Yihe, leading a 16-member Chinese delegation, was talking to LCCI Vice President Kashif Anwar during a visit to the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry. LCCI former President Shahzad Ali Malik also spoke on the occasion. Chen Yihe said that the very objective of the visit was to look into the methodology and the technology being employed by Pakistani rice growers. He said that Guangdong rice importers had been doing business with their Pakistani counterparts for the last three years. In a statement issued here on Saturday, he indicated that Pakistan and Guangdong province could widely cooperate in agricultural development.  He mentioned that in order to facilitate agricultural business development, technical innovation, ecological and resources sustainability, agricultural education, the two sides should sign the Memorandum of Understanding. Chen Yihe said that compared to other provinces in China, Guangdong is known to have the highest GDP, largest population, and the highest volume of international trade.  He said that it was a rare opportunity for the rice growers in Pakistan to come forward and join hands with their Chinese counterparts. Speaking on the occasion, the LCCI Vice President Kashif Anwar said that China has a major role in the development process of Pakistan at governmental and business levels. Other than, at the governmental level the development of business holds prime importance as well.
Pakistani businessmen are carrying out their major share of trade with China. We have a total worth of 6.7 billion US imports from China and 2.6 billion US $ exports to China totaling the total figure to 9.3 US billion dollars.
Kashif Anwar said that the volume of trade can be increased by importing and exporting rice , cereals and grains to each other.
He said that it is believed that agricultural techniques of China are far ahead and more developed as compared to Pakistan.
He said that it would be a great favour if Pakistani farmers can be trained to start farming according to latest techniques and methods. Pakistan being an agrarian economy can benefit largely if the farming methods are improved and more advanced procedures are brought into practice. This will definitely increase the GDP share of agriculture in the overall GDP of the country.
Newer seeds should be brought in the Pakistani market. Research and Development work should be shared.
Joint collaboration of Pak China Rice growers and traders can add substantial volume to the Pak China trade. Knowledge sharing on agriculture techniques should be carried out.