This is reference to Musharraf’s trial and the subsequent spin doctoring by his lawyers and paid cronies. It is time that people of Pakistan and its establishment understand that all paid civil and uniformed individuals, traders, politicians and institutions exist because of this country and are there to serve it, not vice versa. Every individual, irrespective of post he holds must obey laws of Pakistan. Any individual, if he violates the law must be held accountable, and his trial only serves to strengthen the Rule Of Law.

All that afflicts Pakistan is because the so called elite of this country consider themselves above law, and brute force is allowed to be used as a tool for political dominance. In any civilized sovereign country, those who evade taxes, rob the state exchequer, or plunder state assets, are considered criminals and punished appropriately. Those responsible for target killings are criminals, not politicians, nor are they Taliban. Such criminals should be behind bars, and never be eligible for any paid or elected public service. The chaos and terrorism that plague Pakistan is a direct consequence of the abuse of power and self-assumed immunity from accountability, by the so called elite of this country. For Pakistan to prosper and strengthen, the vision of Quaid e Azam and Allama Iqbal must prevail; and there should be zero tolerance for those who abrogate the constitution, suspend it, or plunder its assets in the guise of welfare of its paid public servants.


USA, March 28.