MUMBAI- Indian film star Salman Khan met with the 18-year-old Afghan woman who was brutally shot in face by her husband , Indian newspaper Deccan Chronicle reported.

Shakila Zareen’s face was left badly-disfigured after her husband shot her with a shotgun, which blew out her nose, an eye and impaired hearing in the left ear. It was her dream to meet with the Bollywood superstar Salman Khan someday. Her ambitions turned into reality after the Indian star provided her with the opportunity to meet him in his luxury residence in Mumbai. The superstar during her meeting with the tortured Afghan girl confided that his ancestors too fled Afghanistan six generations ago for the very same reason she is in India — lawlessness. “And it’s still the same. They follow Islam, they say. But they don’t follow any religion. All they believe is in dominating women, unlike Islam which talks so much about woman power and their rights,” Salman Khan quoted by India’s Deccan Chronicle, gently told Shakila. Salman Khan gave two hours time for Shakila Zareen to tell him her story and take as many photographs as she wanted.

Shakila is currently under treatment in India’ Apollo hospital and is undergoing plastic and cosmetic surgery. She received lovely gifts from Salman including nice suits, shoes, and bags. Dr Shahin Nooreyezdan, Apollo’s senior consultant told the Deccan Chronicle, “Since she used to talk so much about Salman . I put her picture on my Facebook (page) asking all my friends if they could help her meet Salman . I am so happy she has met him.” Shakila’s face has been reconstructed partially from her thigh skin, however she is unable to speak properly as the gun shot destroyed her teeth and the nose cartilage. She is keen to become a journalist in a bid to be a voice for distressed Afghan women and to get them justice.