KARACHI - The USAID , through Small Grant Ambassador’s Fund Programme, is providing financial assistance to electrify more than three hundred thirty five households in five villages of union council Suntsar in district Gwadar by solar energy .
This was announced in a ceremony held here on Saturday to launch the “Electricity From Green Energy For UC Suntsar Project”.  Addressing the ceremony, Dosthain Hoth, the additional deputy commissioner (ADC) district Gwadar , applauded the efforts of Small Grant Ambassador’s Fund Program (SGAFP) and Rural Community Development Council (RCDC) Gwader in proposing and preparing such an important project for the people of the most remote area of the district.
He said that it is good that the non – governmental sector is working in the hard infrastructure projects. He said that union council Suntsar hass no electricity facility at all and it would be a great blessing for the people of the selected villages to enjoy solar energy . He assured complete support of the district administration for the project . Haji Abdul Rehman, an elder from Puthan, one of the selected villages expressed his feelings differently. “It’s unbelievable”, he said. “We never thought to have light in our village in our life time. Now our children will have better health and women could do their sewing and embroidery work late in night too”.
Ex district Naib Nazim Abdul Ghaffar Hoth thanked USAID for launching the second green energy project for the people of district Gwader.
He said RCDC has played a vital role in providing facilities and support to the communities of remote areas. He urged the NGOs to focus their efforts on education, health and other amenities.
Nasir Rahim , the focal person of the project , Abdul Wahab, the project manager and Abdullah Osman, general secretary of RCDC Gwader also addressed the ceremony.  The ceremony was attended by the elders and activists of the villages from Suntsar, social and political influential and office bearers of NGOs.
The “electricity from green energy for US Suntsar” project will be completed in one year with a cost of PKR.22119945. The primary schools and the basic health units of the villages will also be provided with electricity.
349 solar units will be installed in Sui, Puthan, Metaing, Lal Mohmmad Bazar zaran and Chawar bazar Zahran by the end of January next year.