Many actors, actresses & people from the famous Indian film industry are visiting Pakistan on occasion (lately, as in yester years, whenever there is apparently an air of reconciliation). Understandably, it is a very good way to disseminate feelings of goodwill & fraternity amongst two belligerent nations. But what surprises me, is why only the people within the film industry or fine arts are invited to Pakistan? India is one of the leaders in the world in science & technology, which begs the question of why people of such great calibre are not invited in the country; to attend seminars, visit our academic institutions as well as to deliver speeches, and address our students who would welcome such greats of India. In return would learn something which could prove far more beneficial for the country’s future, in the fields of industry, science, agriculture, medicines etc. rather than the films, documentaries & theatre. Unfortunately, our print & electronic media mostly talks of India’s film icons day and night rather than broadcasting India’s achievements in the field of science and technology. The media is very vibrant and dynamic these days & is doing a good job in highlighting important issues of the society. I firmly believe that in case the top level engineers, scientists, physicians, doctors etc are invited in Pakistan by various organizations from India, our media will project them equally for the betterment of the country.


Karachi, March 29.