Transparency in any multi-billion dollar deal will depend upon integrity and track record of men involved in negotiating such contracts. It was a controversial Advisor on Petroleum to the former President who tried to kick start this project, but then time had run out and a deal could not be secured.

If memory serves me right, it was during last tenure of PM Nawaz Sharif, that his handpicked Chairman PIA signed a unique deal in history of aviation, when he purchased through Happy Minwala Boeing 747-300s from Cathay Pacific. It was only later revealed that PIA had just bought Aircraft Hull with seats etc., minus four engines, for which the airline was paying per hour rental for every flight. This by itself is unheard of in aviation except for aircraft sold as junk. Airline employees are also aware that had the illegal takeover by Musharraf not gone through, PIA after being deliberately driven into red, was allegedly being bought by the clique consisting of Saif ur Rahman, Nadir Chaudhry and Abbasi himself. Through collective plundering of PIA by men like Aijaz Haroon, Yusafzai etc., PIA, once pride of the nation and a national asset, is today a liability.


Sukkur, March 27.