The World Cup has come to an end. It’s been a thrilling month and a half of cricket. We have seen an enormous amount of talent and skill coupled with just sheer passion and drive. In all the participating teams, it’s safe to say that the best team won. Australia cemented itself in the history books by winning their fifth World Cup. The second highest number of World Cup wins is two shared by India and West Indies. The gap is just increasing between the champions and the rest of the world. They truly outplayed everyone in the tournament. They did not have any run of luck or fortune to have become the winners. They beat Pakistan in the quarters, India in the Semis and then New Zealand in the finals. The last two teams they faced had not lost a single match during the World Cup and faced their first defeat in the hands of the Australians. They are the rightful takers of the cup. What a fitting World Cup for Australia. Winning the trophy in front of your home crowd is slightly bigger than winning the cup somewhere else. They have treated and served their nation wholly. What a fitting way for now the ex-captain of Australia Michael Clarke to lift that trophy in the last ODI he will ever play. He did not just captain the team to victory but was also the highest scorer in their team in yesterday’s match. The script could not have been written better for Clarke. He has been a world-class player who deserved this departure. It’s all smiles in Australia, a feeling they are now quite used to. Till the next World Cup we might see the rise and fall of a lot of teams and players. For now however, let me present to you the new World Cup Champions – Australia.

–Shaan Tahir