LAHORE - Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif went to the residences of those killed in park attack and show solidarity with the bereaved families.

He also gave cheques of financial assistance to heirs of the deceased. The Chief Minister first went to the house of a child Amaan Jan in Awan Market on Ferozpur Road who died in the tragic incident and expressed sorrow and grief with his parents.

Talking to the family members of the child, the Chief Minister said that though he cannot bring the child back but it is his promise to them that he will spare no effort for rooting out terrorists and take revenge for the death of innocent people with the help of nation.

He said that it was the worst incident of terrorism in the history of Punjab and cowardly and ruthless enemy has killed children, daughters, sons and mothers through brutal act of terrorism. He said that the nation will take revenge for this ruthless act and all out efforts will be made for eliminating terrorists.

The CM said that he will shed even the last drop of his blood for eradicating terrorism and terrorists will be brought to their logical end by the brave armed forces, police, politicians and the masses through their collective efforts. He sympathized with the father and the mother of the deceased.

Later, he went to the house of a person Prince Bhatti and his nephew Junaid Bhatti in Rehmat Colony, Nishtar Colony who had lost their lives in Gulshan Iqbal Park tragedy and expressed condolences to the bereaved family. Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister said that the whole nation is united in the war against terrorism and this menace will be rooted out.

He said that he will go to any extent for elimination of terrorists and their facilitators. He promised that he will not rest content till the menace of terrorism and extremism is rooted out and peace is restored in the country.

Shehbaz also went to the house of an 11-year old child Sahil Perviaz in Bahar Colony, Kot Lakhpatt and sympathized with his mother and other members of his family. He said terrorists and their facilitators will find no place to hide and it is his promise that he will continue to fight these elements till this scourge is rooted out.

He said that Punjab government will look after the bereaved families. The Chief Minister went to the house of a family at Eidgah Miani Graveyard, Islamia Park which had lost its three members.

He said that elimination of terrorism is his mission and he is ready to risk his life for its achievement. He said that promise of giving a safe Pakistan to the future generation will be fulfilled. He said that the country will be purged of terrorists and they will be brought to their logical end. He said that he will come up to the expectations of the people with regard to elimination of terrorism and the brutal elements would be faced with courage.