By Michelle Fatima

Pakistan is a beautiful country. My family plans a trip to famous places of Pakistan every year. Two years back we went to Naran and Kaghan. It was a beautiful place. It was very impressive too.

My family planned a summer vacation. First we decided to go to Naltar, Gilgit but it was cancelled due to flood. Then after a month of discussion we decided to go to Swat.

We started our journey on Wednesday. After 10 hours of travelling we finally made it to Ushu. Ushu is a small village after Kalam. Ushu was discovered by Azmat Khan. Ushu valley is home to numerous streams and waterfalls. People of Ushu are very caring and hospitable. The houses from Kalam and Ushu are small yet beautiful. They are constructed with many years of hardwork. People are very hardworking and simple and spend their lives to make a house full of happiness and give their children a better lifestyle.  The houses have fields of vegetables surrounding them. The villagers grow potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, beans and turnips.

The taste of water is really sweet because it is full of nutrition. The water is coming from the snowy mountains so it is very cold. Besides being healthy, water has other advantages as well. As river Swat passes by the village it has many uses. There is no electricity, so people make their own electricity using water.

Weather is very cold in Swat so there is no need of refrigerator and air conditioner, even fans are not there. There is no internet, no signals of mobile phones, and no television. It is a tension-free area.

 A few kilometers after Ushu is a beautiful lake called Mahudand.  Mahudand means fish pond because of yummy trout fish in that lake. It is caught after sunset and is expensive because it is really hard to catch one. Mahudand is surrounded by huge mountains and beautiful plants. We spent a night there as it was attracting us towards it's beauty. We slept in a tent.

On third day we decided to have rest. It felt so good to see river flowing through our window. It is a beautiful place to relax and spend quality time with family, far away from the busy routine.

The fourth day we decide to have a trip to Utrod. Utrod is a place in between Kalam and Ushu. Unlike Ushu it is plain land. People are very caring in Utrod too. A few minutes after Utrod was a village called Matindar. Matindar was washed away by heavy floods in 2010. It was a beautiful village described by the villagers. People in Swat still think that it washed away because of so many killings and terrorist activities.

The next day we headed towards Islamabad as it was time for us to leave. I still miss those beautiful sunsets and mesmerizing sunrise.

I would like to make a request to the government of Pakistan that we should promote Malala's country as it is very beautiful. The government of Pakistan should provide enough facilities to the tourists and foreigners that will result in the development of this land.

Published in Young Nation magazine on September 26, 2015