Society for Promoting Peace and Culture (SPPC) conducted a two day workshop and three days exhibition, ‘No discrimination is a pillar to Peace’ to acknowledge the skills  of physically challenged individuals towards society.

The project was carried out by Ambreen Shahid, the president of a newly establishing organization, SPPC along with Saim Ghazi, an artist. This project was being exhibited with the collaboration of Alhamra Art Council. The Exhibition was inaugurated by Chief Guest ‘Executive Director Alhamra Art Council, Capt (R) Atta Mohammad Khan.

Agenda of this project was to acknowledge the skills of physically challenged individuals, their peace promoting ideas and to encourage them to participate in peace promoting activities on national and international levels.

This project was divided into two parts, 1) Art workshops, which were given to the physically challenged children by Mr. Saim Ghazi and Ms. Ambreen Shahid, at PSRD High School and Voice society, where they discussed and drew their concepts of peace, its definition, and ways of its establishment. 2) Exhibition of the painting drawn by these children reflected their concepts and ideas about peace and its promotion..

Published in Young Nation magazine on September 26, 2015