Pakistan Cricket Team Coach Waqar Younis claims ‘a few individuals’ do not want to see Pakistani cricket progress. He says these people have ‘destroyed our cricket’.

While talking to the media the coach said that Pakistan Cricket Chairman Shahryar Khan and CEO Najam Sethi humiliated him.

“I gave the report to Chairman PCB at his home and I don’t know who leaked it,” he said.

Waqar urged Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to take notice of the plight of Pakistan cricket.

“There is more politics in cricket than in Parliament. This filth has to be cleaned from the sport,” he said adding that “All PCB’s efforts regarding the inquiry are fake.”

The former captain further said he has been presented as a villain on media. “I had requested PCB chairman to keep my report secret,” Waqar told the media. “There is no effort to make things right in the board. I am here but board authorities are not ready to meet me and I don’t know who leaked my report. “

While talking about Ahmed Shahzad and Umer Akmal, Waqar said, “I don’t know who is behind them who includes them in the team again and again. I don’t even want to talk about Moin Khan. He has destroyed the atmosphere of the dressing room.

“Internal matters are so bad that they need to be corrected on emergency basis. And I have been saying it for two years but nobody is ready to listen.”

About the meeting with Imran Khan the national team coach said Khan is his mentor, who he will keep on meeting and that ‘no one should be worried about that’.

“The people should be brought from abroad to make things right in PCB,” Waqar demanded. “Allah will take the decision over my fate, not these individuals. I am ready to go home but we have to make this sport right as this is the only one sport that brings happiness to the country.

Waqar said the report of the Fact Finding Committee will reveal the truth.

In response to Waqar Younis’s allegation, the PCB Chairman Shahryar Khan said he was in a meeting which is why he wasn’t able to meet the coach.

“When he came to meet me I was in a very important meeting that is why I asked him to meet me the next day,” Khan said.

While talking to media the chairman said he didn’t want to indulge in political games. “Waqar told me on phone me that he respects me a lot and I never refused to meet him,” he said. “Even Waqar himself had agreed to meet me tomorrow.”

Waqar Younis had presented his report to PCB chairman and the Fact Finding Committee yesterday. The report was leaked on media by someone in PCB.

In the report Waqar criticized T20 captain Shahid Afridi saying that the skipper was not interested in Asia Cup and T20 World Cup. The report claimed that Afridi used to be absent from team meetings.

He further criticized former captain Moin Khan who according to Waqar used to take the players out and gave them gifts just to embarrass the coach in front of players.

After the report’s leak a Pandora’s Box has been opened. Pakistani cricket team had performed miserably in recently held Asia Cup and World T20. In both tournaments the team failed to reach the second round. 

Following the team’s return the head coach had prepared a report regarding the performance of the T20 cricket team.