By Tuba Naeem

Rosy was a 15-years-old girl. She had shiny grey eyes, fair pinky cheeks and long blonde hair. Two years ago her parents died, she belonged to a poor family and had no other relative to support her. She loved her parents very much, he parents were her friends and now she was all alone. She missed them a lot specially on her birthdays! There was no one to wish her on birthday.

There was a jungle near her small house, she picked fruits from there and sold it in the market to get money. Every night when she closed her eyes to sleep, she saw her parent's face, their loving nature and affection towards her. She felt very lonely all the time without them.

One day in the jungle she saw a sparrow wither fellows, at that moment: "She sat under the shadow of a tree and started to cry… She never ever felt such pain in her heart…" All she wanted was a shoulder to cry on…" After sometime she came back to home and lied on her bed. She started to look at the wall and thought how unlucky she was… that she was all alone… no friend… no parents… Tears started to rolled down her cheeks and she prayed to have a friend… She cried whole night and she didn't knew when she got slept…

The next day, when she went to the jungle, she listened the cries of someone… "Ahh! Help me… please… somebody help!!" She started to follow that voices, then she saw a little boy crying in pain… his head had a wound and it was bleeding… he was senseless and faint at that time… Rosy got so confused, she picked him up on her shoulders and took him to her house and bandaged his head. After sometime he opened his eyes and found that she was stroking his hairs with love and care…

He asked her: "What is your name?" She told her name "Rosy" and asked him" "What's your?, how are you now? Isn't your head paining??"

He said: "My name is Ali and I'm all right, it's not paining…"

She asked her: "So what do you do? What you were doing in the jungle? Where is your parents??"

He smiled gently and said: "I'm an angel… I'm here to help you. God sent me here to be here with you every time... God can't see anyone sad and unhappy, so he sent me as your friend… You helped me and now its my turn…"

Rosy couldn't believed that it was true, she thought that it was a dream but "that was not a dream… Some dreams come true and some prayers never rejected by Allah…" God had listened to her and now she was very happy and she always thanked God for this "blessing". That angle always helped her in all her matters. He made her laugh, always wiped out her tears when she started to miss her parents… She thanked God every night and she realized that "God listens to everyone, black clouds don't remain always and there is always a rainbow after rain…"

Published in Young Nation magazine on September 26, 2015