KARACHI: Angry protesters continued their sit-in at the city’s Numaish roundabout as negotiations failed and Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah called a meeting to discuss a possible solution.

The sit-in protest still continued at the city’s main Numaish roundabout. Additional police contingents were called in from South and East zones as well as other police stations. Water cannons were also called in for the police to disperse the protesters, in case they turned to violence.

According to a private television channel report, the atmosphere was tense and the reaction of the protesters depended on whether or not the situation at Islamabad escalates or deescalates.

Talks between the protesting activists and Adviser to the Chief Minister of Sindh Abdul Qayyum Soomro failed. Unidentified persons pelted Qayyum’s vehicle with stones.  The sit-in protest at Numaish roundabout continued, causing immense difficulties to citizens since all traffic at the city’s busy roundabout was directed towards alternative routes.

Earlier last night, a heavy contingent of police had reached the area and it seemed like a showdown between law enforcement personnel and the protesters would take place to disperse them from the area. According to details, SSP East along with a heavy contingent of police was present at the Numaish roundabout. The cops surrounded the vicinity and were awaiting orders from higher authorities to clear the venue.

Reinforcements from different police station in East zone had also been sent headed by the Station house officers (SHOs) to tackle the situation.

Water cannons were also called in to help disperse demonstrators, who had been staging a protest sit-in for two days.

Police contingents, in order to deal with possible mob violence, had been positioned at four more nearby places that included Guru Mandar, Lines Area, Soldier Bazar and Tibet Center.

On the other hand, commissioner Karachi had said that he has been keeping an eye on situation at Islamabad’s D-Chowk.