Former skipper Wasim Akram is ready to bring crestfall Pakistan cricket back on track but believes that some members in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) don’t want to see him doing this.

Talking to a private news channel, Wasim said he was ready to help Pakistan cricket but some members of the cricket board didn’t want to see him. PCB chairman Shahryar Khan had recently spoken to Wasim about appointing a foreign or local coach. But some members of the board of governors of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) didn’t want the chairman to consult him (Wasim) in cricket matters including in the fresh appointments to be made after the World T20.

Wasim said: “Some members don’t want the Chairman to consult me or seek my advice on appointment of a new coach, I think it is because they don’t want to see anything improve in our cricket. I met with the chairman for a short while at the Kolkata airport and that is all. But now I hear about this resistance to me being involved in Pakistan cricket.”

Wasim said he was what he was because of Pakistan cricket and not because of the cricket board. “I am always willing to help out Pakistan cricket and do my best to improve things. But if someone doesn’t want this it means they don’t want to see improvement in our cricket.”