It is very sad and tragic that 72 people including women and children killed in Lahore after a suicide at Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, all Chief Ministers of four provinces, Army and Police should take such action that never ever terrorism happened anywhere in the country, it should be eliminated. Judiciary also take action by order on the Government.

The terrorism may be happened as Mumtaz Qadri was executed/hanged almost a month ago. Many people who says them as Muslims and damaged public and private property. The people who says them Muslims are doing this very wrong. In Islam, it is not to do anything wrong.

We should take India’s example; a vast majority of the Muslims live there peacefully. They respect each-other’s belief rather than fighting each-other. Islam is complete code of life and religion of peace. Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s principles are guide for us to spend life peacefully. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) always showed restraint, there are many examples like “Treaty of Madina” and “Treaty of Hudaibiya”. He showed us how to live peacefully even with non-believers. He even erased his name as “Muhammad the Messenger of ALLAH” from the Treaty of Hudaibiya when Quraish raised objection to this expression. Even Hazrat Ali (A.S) hesitated to comply with the Prophet’s order to remove the expression, the Prophet (PBUH) himself removed the phrase and ordered to write “Muhammad son of Abdullah”. So, we should live peacefully and make our country a peaceful one.

At a time when our security forces are busy to fight terrorists, they should do something. In this muggy situation, the federal and provincial governments as well as Judiciary, Army, Police should do something and also the Opposition Parties need to become united, instead point scoring and accusing each other. All parties should plan a joint strategy for the benefit of the people of Pakistan who have been suffering for a long time from terrorism and plenty of other issues.


Islamabad, March 28.