Lahore-An exhibition of miniatures titled ‘Transcending Visible Horizons’ featuring the miniature artwork of artist Samia Sam was held on Thursday at Alhamra Art Gallery.

The painting was inspired by renowned artist’s artworks of Muslim culture and Middle East. A classical music performance was also performed.

Over decades of unrelenting fervor the artist has mastered the core nuances of this exotic genre of expression. The individuality of her work, within a strictly disciplined regime of this art form, manifests genesis of a signature style which sets her apart from her contemporaries.

The artist represented mostly female figures in various surroundings. However, the most interesting aspect was that she has tackle this subject in a simple, yet a very bold style, which reflected the synthesis of traditional miniatures with modern traditions.

Speaking about her inspiration and work Artist Samia Sam said: “I am inspired by traditional styles of paintings like Indian/Persian miniatures, but I blend these ancient forms with historical cultural elements from primitive time to create a new vocabulary of my own.”

“Using the rich colours of gouache and water colour, I have applied layers, literary with the paint, as well as metaphorically with the content.”

“My research and ideas flow simultaneously together and make up the fabric of my work.  I used gouache paints and 22k gold leaf to form layers of jewel like colour. My work reflects my background and the transition between my old and new worlds,” Samia said.

Former Principal National College of Arts Ustaad Bashid Ahmed said that the discipline of miniature art, I believe places a lot of responsibilities on those who choose it as a mode of aesthetic expression and way of life.” “It demands patience, perseverance, sincere research and boundless passion. The artist classical painting portrays fantasies with remarkable symbolism and ornamentation, albeit sensitive and intense at the same time,” he said.

Ex-Chairman of Fine Arts Department of Punjab University Rahat Naveed Masud said that the art of drawing or painting in the miniature format has been in practice over since man first held a drawing tool in his hands. “Samia has come up with a large body of appealing work inspired by Middle Eastern as wells as Mughal, Kangra and Persian imagery.”

“The most endearing works out of the collection are the ones which she has termed as contemporary. Her work evokes many moods, simultaneously, feeling of joy, amazement and wonder are created when we witness this fusion of historical and modern elements, juxtaposed together to create and innovative new take on this centuries old art,” she said.