Balochistan endures under hard circumstances of CPEC and census issues, where the prediction for the grip of Baloch’s loss is solidified. Albeit CPEC, the project which can bring an immense change in the betterment of Pakistan’s agitated atmosphere of violated situations is dragging Pakistan towards a bright and developed future but Baloch’s security isn’t ensured from it, as it has great impacts on the private properties (Territories) of Baloch’s census lies similar effects. In the presence of millions of Afghan refugees along with the absence of uncomfortable Baloch census seems to be a conspiracy against the Baloch National bringing them to minority. 

Government needs to set negotiations for the security of Baloch assets in Balochistan which are in danger due to the CPEC project but also debate on the postponing of the census for another year in order to protect the Baloch Nation from becoming a minority. 


Turbat, March 12.