KHYBER AGENCY - A child got injured in a bomb blast incident in Piro Khel area of tehsil Landi Kotal of Khyber Agency on Tuesday night.

The administration and local sources said the incident took place in Piro Khel at 9pm on Tuesday night when an improvised explosive device (IED) planted by unidentified militants at a roadside, adjacent to Papus Market, went off with a big bang.

Another incident occurred near Inzari checkpoint, in which a minor boy was hit by a mine, leaving him seriously injured.

According to Landi Kotal Assistant Political Agent Niaz Mohammad, the mine that had been concealed by unidentified miscreants burst when a 9-year-old boy accidentally placed his feet on it.

The boy identified as Haji Akbar received serious injuries and was shifted to Landi Kotal hospital, sources told. Soon after the incidents, the Khasadar force personnel collected evidences for investigation, Khasadar sources told.

The security agencies personnel launched a search operation and eighteen suspects were arrested and shifted to Landi Kotal lockup for investigation, an administration official told.