HAFIZABAD -Deviation from teachings of Holy Quran and Prophet (SAWW) is the main cause behind backwardness of the Muslim Ummah.

Kalianwala Sharif caretaker Pir Azmat Ali Shah stated while addressing the annual meeting of Darul Uloom Jamia Saeedia Rizvia here the other day.

He pointed out that it is bounden duty of Ulema to struggle for unity of Muslim Ummah rather producing conflicts on the basis on minor differences. There is no other way except unity and national integration to thwart evil designs of anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan forces, he pointed out.

He also condemned blasphemy on social media, saying no Muslim can tolerate the blasphemous content on social networking sites in the name of freedom of expression. He demanded stern action against bloggers involved in committing blasphemy on social media. TWO HELD: Two impersonators, posing self to be an army major and police sub-inspector, were arrested separately on charge of extorting money from two persons here the other day.

According to a police source, the accused identified as Rashid Nisar of Faisalabad, posing self to be an army major had sold a car to Tanveer Iqbal on Rs0.8 million whose documents were later proved bogus.

On information, the police arrested the accused and registered a case against him.

Similarly, Nazar Muhammad, posing self to be police sub-inspector extorted Rs100,000 from Nooran Bibi of Mohallah Dostpura Solangi Awan for providing employment to her brother. The police arrested the accused and registered a case against him.