VEHARI -The Falcon Force has been established in Vehari on pattern of Dolphin Force to wipe out street crimes and criminals from the city, police officers claimed.

The police officers including the district police officer expressed gratitude to Veharians for welcoming the force, saying that the police will go to any extent to protect the life, honour and property of the common man.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the batch comprising 120 officials of Falcon Force, they said that the city is faced with challenge of street crimes therefore the need of Dolphin Force like quick response force was realised. Terming the establishment of Falcon Force a remarkable success, a DSP said that it was the first batch of Falcon force which will help in eradicating crime and minimising snatching incidents.

He said that the Falcon Force will chase the criminals at all roads, streets and congested areas of city with a spirit to secure the lives and properties of Veharians.

On the occasion, Saddr DSP Imran Rasheed said that all the civilized nations keep modifying their forces for elimination of the network of criminals. He said that the Falcon Force is well equipped force whose personnel have been trained to quickly respond, especially to the street crimes. He said that a squad of two motorcycles having four officials will perform duty.

Later, the Falcon Force conducted a flag march on motorbikes on different roads of the city. All the senior police officers including DPO Omer Saeed also participated in the march.