Pakistan's consulate general in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia has made arrangements with the Saudi government to assist Pakistanis living in the country without proper documentation to return to the country without a penalty.

Consul General Shehryar Akbar Khan urged members of the Pakistani community residing in Saudi Arabia without legal documents to take advantage of the amnesty scheme.

Khan said that arrangements with the Saudi government have been finalised to facilitate those wishing to avail the amnesty scheme.

The consulate has setup a dedicated reception desk and designated helpline numbers ─ 0126644240 and 0544726574 ─ which Pakistanis can call for assistance.

A registration form has also been drafted, which includes the requisite information. Applicants will be required to fill out the form before their case could be processed further.

The form will be available at the assistance desk of the Pakistani consulate. It will also be available online at the official Saudi portal of Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.