KASUR-Citizens are faced with frequent traffic jams due to illegally established bus and goods transport stands at every nook and cranny of the district, particularly the city.

A survey conducted by The Nation reveals that the administration, with the exception of a few, had shifted these vehicles stands from the city to the outskirts on the orders of the Punjab government. During the survey, residents of different areas told this correspondent that due to the alleged indifference of the administration, many of these stands have been re-established in Lilyani Adda, Railway Station, Nafees Colony, Old Vegetable Market, Chandni Chowk and Daseera Ground localities of the Kasur city.

They said that the public and goods transport has been carried out from these stands which, they said, has given rise to severe traffic jams in the city. They said that New Lorry Adda is located outside the city which forces the poor and low income people to travel through these bus stands. They demanded the government to look into the matter and shift these illegally established vehicles' stands from the city which is causing serious traffic problems, especially during school and official hours.

For the purpose, the government must restore the Old Lorry Adda which is located inside the city, they pointed out.