LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has directed the authorities concerned to expedite completion of the Saaf Pani programme which aims at providing drinkable clean water to millions of people of Punjab particularly those living in southern Punjab.

At a meeting, the chief minister reviewed progress on various aspects of the Saaf Pani projects. He highlighted importance of the potable and clean water for protecting the citizens from number of water-borne diseases, and expressed his annoyance over the delay in completion of the programme.

“Potable water is essential part of our lives and due to inefficiency and non-professional attitude of some of the officers this program has already been delayed.

“Saaf Pani is the vital project and there is no room for mistake and delay in the implementation of this programme,” he added.

Shehbaz said this programme will be implemented in the first phase in 37 tehils of southern Punjab with speed and top quality.

He added that a steering committee has been formed to review progress on the programme and the board of the Saaf Pani Company Punjab is also independent; therefore speedy measures should be taken for its implementation.

Provincial minister Syed Haroon Ahmed Sultan Bukhari, Saaf Pani Company (South) Chiarman Ch Arif Saeed, housing secretary, Saaf Pani CEO and other officials concerned were present on the occasion.