Our democracy is grafted and needs more time to grow strong. In civilized countries a democrat is respected so far as he remains within its boundary and performs according to dictate of democratic norms. The scribe mentions here example of one Mr. Bacon, who served in the British house of Commons for over 33 years before he became a member of house of lords. In upper house he became Lord Chancellor. His opponents lodged a complaint of corruption against him and impeachment proceedings were started against him.

He did not advance his arguments on the basis of his services rendered in the House of Commons, but confessed his guilt of remaining negligent about his house servants who accepted gifts send by Mr. Bacon’s friends. Consequently, he was punished and removed from position of Lord Chancellor. Similarly, in America, when Al Gore lost election to republican George Bush by one disputed vote awarded by a federal judge, Mr. Gore conceded his defeat. He said that after decision of a court, the road is closed, even though he had won more votes of the common people. Our leaders on one hand vow to respect court’s procedure while on the other, refuse to accept its judgments. For the sake of democracy, one would hope that our politicians will learn a lesson from examples of established democracies.


Islamabad, March 16.