In a developing society like ours, where there are so many economic and social problems and alotof competition, things like mental stress, depression and anxiety are becoming common. On top of that mental health issues are a taboo in Pakistan. Some sort of stigmatization is related to mental health illnesses. Consulting a psychiatrist or psychologist isn’t encouraged by people and the patient with a mental health suffers in silence just because they don’t want fingers pointing at them, labelling them a ‘lunatic’ or ‘insane’ when that person is in a desperate need of help. Students these days due to immense competition and the desire of being on top and in the front get affected by stress and depression alot. Studying that should be a way of learning and growth as an individual becomes saddling and stresses out the students. Worrying is of no use. There are countless challenges that we have to face at every step of life. And the issue of mental health being a taboo needs to go away. They should be discussed and that should be accepted that they exist and there’s a treatment of everything so mental health illnesses can be treated.

‘For every worry under the sun, there is a remedy or there is none. If there be one, hurry and find it. If there be none, then never mind it.’

–LeGrand Richards.


Karachi, March 17.