Pakistan has announced a crackdown on militant groups like Jaesh-e-Mohammad, Daesh and etcetera. Critics believe this comes as a response to FATF concerns and post Pulwama rhetoric adapted by the Indians. As of today, seventy organizations are under Government protection. This crackdown appears as the most severe and decisive one of all the crackdowns done previously. The latest round of arrests and seizures resulted in the closure of almost fifty-six institutions across the country. Pakistan has repeatedly suffered due to these militant groups and has been in hot waters for quite a while now. The latest call for action might be in the wake of Pulwama attack, which resulted in a war like situation.

This action by government is praiseworthy for what it’s worth. Groups, which are spreading strife in country, should face severe consequences. The act of Government cracking down on militant organizations may bring positive results for the times to come. It is a request to the government of Pakistan to continue such actions until terrorism wipes out. These terrorists have been behind the demolishment of peace in Pakistan and it is time to punish them finally.


Turbat, March 9.