Former Prime Minister Sharif launched the Green Line Bus Rapid Transit System back in 2016. Although the objective was to facilitate commuters towards a decent and signal free journey, the project is way past its deadline and is a cause of distress for the commuters as of today.

This project was bound to complete by the end of 2017. The fate of this project was quite similar to the fate of other projects with stipulated deadlines in Pakistan facing extensions and renewals.

Since PMLN has left the corridors of power, the project seems to be in disruption. Stakeholders of the project claim to have completed a substantial part of the 22 km corridor between Nazimabad and Guru Mandir.

The real construction work is yet to begin from Numaish to Tower, which constitutes a substantial part of the project. One of the primary objective of the project was to smooth out the traffic flow in Karachi; the irony in that statement is that commuters along this 22 km corridor are in awe facing severe traffic constraints. The government of the day has further started infrastructural construction towards the alternative routes provided, particularly MA Jinnah road.

Without further ado, the incumbent government needs to prioritize this project regardless of political considerations and constrained relations between the federal and provincial government.


Karachi, March 11.