Istanbul -Video footage captured the moment a man flew through the air clutching on to a patio umbrella during severe winds. Sadik Kocadalli can be seen stepping on to the base of the large umbrella in the video as he tries to hold it down with the help of two other men in Osmaniye, southern Turkey. But a gust of wind sweeps the piece of furniture off the ground instead, lifting him into the air.

Mr Kocadalli said he escaped uninjured despite rising about three or four metres into the air.

He told reporters: “I’m fine actually. After I realised the umbrella was going to keep going up, I jumped off.” However another man, Mehmet Ali Biçakçi, was knocked unconscious and suffered a broken foot and ribs after the umbrella landed on him.

Some Twitter users joked the widely shared video showed Turkey sending its first astronaut up into space, while others said the men were members of Osmaniye Airlines cabin crew.