Ronald Regan Assassination Attempt


On 30 March 1981, then US president, Ronald Regan faced a gunshot. The assassin John Hinckley Jr. nearly assassinated the president with a close range shot. The attempt unfolded as Regan left Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC and Hinckley`s bullet ricocheted of the presidential limousine. Regan along with his staff including a secret service agent and Whitehouse press secretary suffered injuries however; no loss of life occurred in the incident.

The events of that day still gauge the attention of the world due to Hinckley`s rationale behind Regan`s assassination. Investigators later on discovered that Hinckley got obsessed with Jodie Foster, an American actor. Hinckley stalked her in every way possible and tried to impress her with extreme measures.

When Hinckley could not establish a meaningful contact with Foster, he made plans to gain Foster`s attention. His plans included an aircraft hijacking or suicide in front of Foster. Eventually Hinckley resorted to Regan`s assassination.