Mobile services in Pakistan particularly the quality of data is not up to par with telecom services across the world. There is no reliable 4G coverage if you are on the move. A little research made me realize that the case is the same for all subscribers regardless of their carrier.

As I dug deep to try to figure out the reasons I found out that there are multiple reasons including low tariffs, cutthroat competition, high business costs and radio frequency availability. The availability of radio frequency made a lot of sense as countries with superior telecom experience have abundant and affordable radio spectrum.

Speaking on behalf of millions of telecom users across Pakistan I would urge the Government to allocate affordable radio frequency to operators, particularly with the upcoming frequency renewal this year.

We need to focus on quality and access of service for what it’s worth. Currently with the level of technological advancements, frequent telecom access should be a high priority area.


Karachi, March 11.