It is sad to say that the second largest city of the Baluchistan (Turbat) does not have any school for orphans. They spend their lives on the streets, pick up garbage and look for temporary abode from time to time.

In 2000, a school was established but now if we look at it, the downtrodden shape reflects the alarming situation.

There was a time when orphans progressed through our system and made a career out of it but now it seems quite improbable. It is the state`s responsibility to take cognizance of the issue and look after those children.

Nothing good can come out of staying silent on the issue. These orphans also have rights like us. Besides their future is full of darkness from what I reckon from the existing situation.

I request the government to provide orphans with their due rights so they can make a career and look after themselves rather than depending upon others.


Turbat, March 10.