A total of more than 1,000 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Pakistan. In the face of the epidemic, the Market Incubator Platform for small and medium-sized Chinese enterprises in Pakistan shows its unique advantages, helping small and medium-sized enterprises to fight the epidemic and resume production.

After small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals enter the small and medium-sized enterprise incubator, they do not need to send Chinese employees to Pakistan, but only need to provide relevant enterprise and product information. The Chinese Enterprises Service Center will send commissioners to complete a series of market services for enterprises, including market inspection, potential customer screening, customer background check, authorized business negotiation, supervision of collection and payment, etc. It can be generally said that the Pakistani commissioner of the company is the enterprise’s salesman, which means the enterprise has virtually got a Pakistani sales team. It is based on this model that the outbreak of this epidemic has not affected the business of resident enterprises and individuals in Pakistan.

Most Chinese enterprises are doing well in Pakistan, but some enterprises have common problems. Many enterprises do not make great strides in investment and market development after fully understanding the market; they lack a comprehensive understanding of Pakistan’s taxation, laws and regulations, and because of the complexity of Pakistan’s tax system, many enterprises are confused when paying taxes and do not get the benefits they deserve. There was an enterprise that lost more than 10 million yuan in vain because of its lack of understanding of taxation. Later, our professional tax team used a month to help them sort out their taxes, which did not cause such huge losses finally; there are also some enterprises that simply copy Chinese products and management models, ignoring Pakistan’s national conditions.

In the face of the sudden epidemic situation, the company takes immediate action, such as actively guiding employees to fight the epidemic, formulating detailed protection and sterilization standards, and arranging special personnel to implement and supervise; in order to protect the health and safety of employees, they provide employees with personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, disinfectants and so on; vigorously publicize China’s measures to combat the virus, avoid panic, and work with the Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry on how to correctly deal with the virus to the Chinese and Pakistani business community. They believe that after the epidemic, their image will be highly improved among Pakistani and Chinese customers. With the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, more Chinese enterprises and individuals will come to Pakistan to make their own efforts to Pakistan’s development. At that time, the company will spare no effort to provide better services for enterprises.

The main members of the Chinese Enterprises Service Center team have worked and lived in Pakistan for more than ten years. The company provides two-way business package services for Pakistani and Chinese enterprises and individuals and builds a China-Pakistan trade platform.

(Courtsey China Economic Net)