ISLAMABAD  - Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing says medical team from his country visiting Pakistan will share their knowledge and expertise with their Pakistani counterparts to deal with the threat of coronavirus.

Addressing a ceremony held in the honour of Chinese medical staff that arrifed in Pakistan to help out during the global coronavirus pandemic in Islamabad on Sunday, he said Pakistan is our deep friend and first priority to come out of this crisis. He expressed hope that pandemic will come under control soon in Pakistan.

Jing said that China has made great headway into controlling the deadly pathogen and stands by their ‘iron brother’ Pakistan in there hour of need.

The Chinese ambassador added that the coronavirus has become a mammoth challenge for the entire world and unity and self isolation were the only two ways to tackle the conundrum. Ambassador Yao Jing said that Pakistan was China’s first priority among every other nation in the world who are currently embroiled in a war against an invisible enemy.

The dignitary also said that he was resolute that with China’s help, Pakistan would soon gain total control of coronavirus and curb the disease like China itself has. Pakistan’s count of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases soared to 1526 on Sunday, according to the latest statistics released by the National Command and Control Center. Thus far 13 deaths from the disease have been reported in the country, while 28 have made full recoveries after contracting coronavirus.

PAL writers award on contribution in coronavirus

Following impending coronavirus situation, Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) planned to announce an award for the writers’ community of Pakistan focusing the disaster of humanity by this epidemic. The newly one time award under title“Pakistan Umeed-e-Zeest Award-2020” will be given on three best writings in all Pakistani languages, to be judged by a jury of senior writers from all over the country.

According to an official source, writers’ community of Pakistan always boost and encourage the people of Pakistan through their writing in all times such situation of difficulty so that the PAL has resolved to fight against this nuisance and announced an award contest. All writings will be uploaded on the website of PAL, as and when received from the poets, he said. The PAL is requesting the writers all over the country to send their writings on the topic to PAL on the email address by April 30, 2020.

The writers, in their writings, should address the issues relating to destruction of humanity by corona virus, difficulties being faced by common man, to encourage the doctors and para-medical staff, volunteers, Pakistan Army, police, all governments officials, political leadership and show their solidarity with the bereaved families of departed souls, who died in the prevailing epidemic.

He said that the writings should also urge the general public to comply with preventive advisory of the government in this regard. Afterward, the PAL will also publish an anthology of selected writings out of received stuff on the subject, in all Pakistan languages for record and reading of general public, he stated.