MARDAN - Despite the lock­down of coronavirus af­fected Manga union council, majority of the lo­cal residents have start­ed shifting to other parts of the district, thus creat­ing panic among the mass­es. It may be noted here that heavy contingents of police has been deployed in Manga village since the death of a villager, Saadat Khan, due to the corona­virus few days back. Lat­er, the locality was sealed to control the coronavirus spread. The local admin­istration and Mardan po­lice have established sepa­rate control rooms for the information of suspect­ed coronavirus patients. However, majority of the masses due to lake of trust avoid give information to administration and police control rooms. The mass­es of Mardan district have demanded of the provin­cial government and ad­ministration to take prop­er steps to stop the people of Manga union council from shifting other parts of the district as the virus could more spread further and create severe prob­lems in the district.