LAHORE - The Punjab government has enforced “Prevention and Control Ordinance 2020” which will enable the government to take all necessary measures to prevent and protect public from COVID-19 disease and any such epidemic in future.

Under this ordinance, a notified medical officer or police officers will have the power to force any person or a group of persons to undergo medical examination to see whether or not they were carrier of coronavirus. If found infected with the deadly virus, they will be bound to wear the specified protective clothing. They will also be required to attend training and advisory sessions on how to reduce the risk of infecting others.

There will be bar on people sending their children to schools and other gatherings. The government can also impose certain restrictions on burials of infected persons by the heirs.

The notified officers will also have the powers to restrict movement of any suspected corona patient and to stop him from working or trading at any place. The person can however challenge the decision with a board headed by commissioner or a notified officer.

The Deputy Commissioners who will have the powers to enforce this ordinance have also been authorized to close or seal, any premises to restrict entry of infected persons there.

The authorized officers will also have the powers to enforce restrictions on entry and exit of persons from and to a particular area and to confine them at specified places. It will be the duty of the guardian or head of a family or department to inform the government about the infectious persons under the new law. Also, the government can direct all private hospitals and doctors to treat the corona patients.

Those feeling or trying to flee a quarantine centre will face imprisonment up to 18 months and a fine not exceeding Rs 100,000. People will also face punishments for violations of other provisions of this ordinance.